how to write a summary of an article

How To Write Splendid Articles Even If You Are Not Good At Writing?

Writing often doesn’t come naturally to many of us. We at times need to put marathon efforts to write a piece, an article, or maybe even a working letter. As human beings, we speak naturally, oftentimes using superfluous words. But think about writing and there would be inevitable furrows on your brows. You would, for sure, put on that much-needed thinking cap- just to fathom what to write and how to begin!

how to Write Articles

1. Keep It Natural

Think about the classroom exercises you often did as a youngster. When you were asked to elaborate on some topic and write an essay rounding up all the necessary points. And yes, not too verbose! It pays to remember one simple thing- write the way you speak with others.

There is no point doing some archaic writing that the readers find difficult to relate to. You might not be one great writer, to begin with. And for that matter, no one is. But then you need to devise your unique strategies while you decide on your writing. The best way for any aspiring writer is to keep it simple and natural.

2. Keep It Short

Any number of sites would preach to you the right strategies for writing a great article or even a plain good one. You inevitably go through all of them, pick words and phrases and try to follow their tips one by one. Well, have you questioned yourself about all that you have done to become a writer of some awe-inspiring articles? You need to remember that drafting your thoughts on the very first go is extremely important. And when you start jotting down your points, keep them as short as possible. Keeping it short and to the point, is smart writing.

3. Discard Clichés

To be honest, it’s not that easy to do. Clichés are those inevitable phrases, words or expressions that surround our daily use of communication and writing. They keep repeating and keep coming back. Therefore, it would be best to avoid those repetitive terms and infuse your write-ups with new doses of words and expressions, without altering the very essence of your writing. This not only gives your article a fresh kick but you into the process, become acquainted with many more words and can strengthen your vocabulary in the process. Naturally, the clichés are also quite effectively done away with.

4. Less Writing, More Expressions

Writing is one great mental exercise that needs much thought before you begin. However, you need to remember that there is no need to make mountains out of the molehills. The article you need to write should accommodate some points and perhaps, follow a pattern.

Now, you need to decide how much you need to elaborate on those given points. There are writers, however, experienced they might be, who keep writing and eventually lose direction. The best way to curb this issue is to write down each of your thoughts individually and sum them up in fewer words and brief sentences. Trust, they work wonders and lessen your burden while at the end of the day you would have produced one great article!

5. Keep It, Crisp

Writing an awesome article is one herculean task. Or so one may think. Even if you are not one brilliant writer, by now you know a few nuances of writing. So, build on them confidently and creatively. There are no given pattern or set rules that you need to follow on mandatory grounds. All you need to do while writing that purported great piece of yours, is to see that all the points and the keywords are covered as required and then put your creative self at play.

The shorter and crisper the sentences, the more readability and attention they get from the target audiences. Always remember, reading an article full of information becomes one harrowing task, if they are extremely lengthy and wordy. Replace the long unending sentences with bold and crisp words and expressions. If, as a writer, you feel burdened reading your article, never expect your target readers to be patient with them!

6. Write The Way You Speak

Any writer with the good intention of writing a great piece should also be sensitive to the feedback given by those reading them on the very first go. The best way of writing your article is to present them the way you speak to your friends or colleagues. You need to keep in mind one simple thing. Don’t be archaic with your words and don’t ever write in one imaginary flow.

Yes, evidently you want to cover all the points that abound and let your readers know about your writing prowess. But is that needed? If you keep writing for the sake of writing, the readers will have a hard time in grasping your work. The readers would rather prefer you get to the point directly. Readers don’t look for superfluous words or lengthy introductions. So, write with a natural flow. Write the way you speak, as if in a gathering. Your writing would get better if you follow this simple, yet profound rule.

7. Keep Up With Your Writing Spirit

Often, you inevitably fumble while looking for that right set of words and expressions. Don’t worry; it’s only natural. It happens to not just the novice writers, even the greatest writers of all time often experience a mental block. Don’t fret; you are no exception. In such situations, all you need to do is remember one thing: you somehow need to carry on. You got to write. Keep up with the writing spirit, even when words are failing you. With the right kind of passion, you would soon overcome these aberrations writers face and emerge stronger and better. After all, when readers are satisfied with your work that is your ultimate gift. What better joy can a writer aspire for!

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how to write a summary of an article

How To Write Splendid Articles Even If You Are Not Good At Writing?