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10 Free Infographic Maker Tools For Your Blog

What Is An Infographic?
An infographic is defined as a pictorial, graphic or visual representation of data or information. This is done so that a reader can grasp the entire information in one go, without having to read paragraphs of text which can tend to be boring. The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is indeed correct. Human brains process pictures faster than text. Studies have also shown that around 65% of readers are visual learners.

Infographics are a great way to attract visitors to your website and render your content. If implemented rightly and wisely this can even double your traffic. It is important to understand how to go about it and make sure that it is in line with what you want to convey. But with a plethora of tools, it might be hard for you choose the best free infographic maker. Considering this, here are a few options to pick from.

10 Free Infographic Makers

It is obvious that beautiful infographics are created using tools like Photoshop. But given the stringent time limits, this might at times prove difficult. Also, you may not want to spend too much time or money on this activity.

The alternate is to use a few free tools that may provide you with the results that you want. They are quick, and they are free!! Check out the 10 tools listed below to see which works out best for you.

1. Visualize

infographic maker free is a tool that helps to create infographics of your resume. Most people are at a loss to explain or highlight their resume. This tool provides a simple yet compelling visual representation of the profile of a person in one click. Check this out as it may help put across the most important part of your career in the most powerful way out there.

2. Canva Infographic Maker

infographic maker online freeCanva’s infographic maker makes it easy to create quick grasping, powerful, eye catchy infographics. It comes with hundreds of free design elements that one can use to express the information and bring out the creativity as well. There is a wide variety of images, icons, fonts and features, packaged in libraries that you can use.

Creating brochures, presentations and attractive marketing material is easy with the help of this. And what’s more, if you need more features which are premium you could go in for that as well at a very low price.

3. Piktochart

free infographics makerThis is another good tool that helps transform information into powerful graphics that make it easy to hit the message home. It comes with pre-loaded graphics that you can choose from and has a customizable editor to boot. That makes it easy to insert shapes or change colors etc. to bring in vibrancy into the infographics. Graphical elements too can be incorporated using Picktochart because it comes with grid line templates.

4. Google Developers

infographics maker free downloadIf you intend to use real time data to generate charts as infographics into your website, then Google Developers is the thing for you. The Google Chart Tools are free, easy to use and very powerful too quickly generate charts with a variety of options. It comes with a host of interactive charts and data tools that assist in the process.


free infograph comes with a mission ‘To inspire and enable anyone to represent an idea in a visual way.’ It’s as simple as that. True to their mission statement, their free tool comes with 10000s of free images and infographic templates that anyone can use.

These provide a way to express your ideas freely and bring out the creativity with customizable options. They also support users with a lot of articles, blogs, and webinars to keep them going.

6. Venngage

infographic maker freeThis is a powerful free tool that allows you to create engaging infographics in as simple as three steps. All you need to do is choose a template, add necessary charts and visuals, add your personal touch through customization like fonts, colors, etc. and you are done.

These are highly effective and easy to use in presentations, marketing materials or for social media feeds. They also provide 24/7 customer support and back it up with a community as well.


infographic maker free is a free tool that allows the creation of interactive data visualizations within minutes. Infographics, charts, and maps created using this tool are a very effective way of driving traffic to your website. It allows choosing data from multiple sources, a wide variety of interactive charts and maps to choose from and also publish the same into your websites.

8. InFoto Free

best free infographic makerThis is a fantastic app that allows you to use your Android photos to create stunning infographics. It has a good interface that makes it easy to use and also allows you to share the infographics created for your social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also has a tracking and analyzing feature that makes it convenient for you to understand your preferences and habits.

9. Get About

infographic free makerAs the name suggests, this tool that helps you generate infographics about your social media activity and is Windows based. It also allows you to share this with your social media network.

10. Dipity

infographic maker online freeDipity is a powerful tool that allows you to create attractive visual timelines that are highly interactive. Using this tool you can integrate content like text, images, audio, video, links, location, social media, and time stamps into the timelines. Dipity is easy to use and can be grasped fast.


You can choose to use any of the tools depending on your niche and need to create powerful infographics for your website. As with any other thing, it is important to know one’s audience and tailor the content to suit them. Identify the information your audience is seeking and then use any of the tools to present it in a highly effective, visual manner that grips the audience attention.

Identify unique stories or information and map them to something that the readers can connect with. If you are using data, make sure that it is correct and back it up with the sources. Ensure that the right titles, descriptions, etc. accompany the infographic if and where necessary, for easy reading and grasping. Armed with all this information and the free tools, you are now set to get that traffic flowing into your website.

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