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10 Free Google Tools Every Internet Marketer Should Use

There has never been a better world for content marketing than today, with a flourishing online business and a reach to the consumer of each segment. Content is spreading via social networking platforms and word of mouth and has forced organizations to develop effective content marketing strategies. This fulfills the need of those people too, who don’t get attracted to striking commercials but look for valuable information.

Content marketing is not just about interesting blogs and posts; it involves analysis and focused research. There are certain ways to enhance your content marketing results and make them better than ever. And the good news is, this can be done with the help of free Google tools.

10 Best & Free Google Tools To Make Use Of

People who think that Google is just a search engine, check out these ten free Google tools that you can use for content marketing.

1. Google My Business

Yes, you can use free advertising on Google for yourself! You simply need to claim ‘Google My Business’ listing to get your business featured. You can have your business featured in Google maps too. If you run a local business, you would want to use this tool.

It provides you a platform to give useful information about your business along with your details like phone number, address, etc. You can use interesting content and infographics to market your company and showcase your uniqueness. Better yet, display the positive feedback or reviews you have received from your customers. A very useful and beneficial tool which can be a part of your content marketing strategy.

2. Google Alerts

This Google tool enables you to keep an eye on the web whenever your selected keywords are mentioned or searched. You can sign up to be notified whenever any researcher mentions a particular product, service or company including your competitor. Helps you in staying on top of your business and react promptly. You will have hands-on information on how many times your business is being mentioned. This information can enable you in designing your strategy based on recent research or mention of your products and your competitor.

3. Google AdWords

If you are looking for quick results, you may want to try Google AdWords. An extremely simple yet important tool. The more you experiment with this tool, the more beneficial it will seem. The prime focus of a content marketer shall be found by relevant keywords to penetrate deeper into their target researcher base.

It is a pay per click product by Google. All you need to do is to create ads which target the keywords relevant to your business. This way, whenever people search for those specific keywords, your ads would appear on that search. Though you would need to bear the cost of those ads, you pay only when researchers click on them.

4. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

To boost your efforts of marketing your content. First, you shall focus on a keyword search. This will enable you to identify relevant keywords for your business. These keywords are important while creating the website content or blogs for your site. They are the key to getting found by researchers.

There are several tools available online for keyword search. However, Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a popular tool which not only helps you in planning your AdWords campaigns but also in identifying keywords which are useful to your business. It will certainly help you in finding your keywords and in designing a constructive strategy.

5. Google Trends

What next do you do once you have finalized your relevant keywords? The fact is you would get numerous keywords which would seem relevant. Google Trends would solve this problem and help you in brainstorming for new ideas for your next blogs.

A wonderful tool which enables you to identify smart keywords for your business. It gives you a trend of popularity of the keywords that you identify. With this tool, you can analyze and evaluate the variations in popularity of your selected keywords based on various parameters like region or over a period. You can also harness the power of a topic that is trending and provide valuable information to your target researcher base.

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6. Google Webmaster Tool

Do you ever feel a need to know how healthy your site is as per google? Do you want to know details about the traffic on your site? Well, Google Webmaster Tool helps you in analyzing whether researchers can find you and the insights on current traffic. It will also alert you about the hurdles that make your site difficult to be found. You can utilize different sections like ‘Site optimization’ and ‘Site traffic’ to access large data specific for your research and analysis.

7. Google Docs, Slides, Forms & Sheets

Google offers great collaborating tools as well. An easy way to connect and collaborate with other colleagues on your marketing project. You can use Docs for Word Documents, utilize Sheets for Excel files, Slides for your saved presentations and Forms for your survey responses. You can quickly download them on your phone whenever you need them.

8. Google Drive

A free storage service by Google, which is available online and provides free storage of up to 15 GB to every user. Save your important files, documents, designs, photos or videos. Do you ever get stuck while sending a heavy file to your project colleagues? This is your answer. Just save the document or file on google drive. It is easy and hassle-free.

9. Google Analytics

It is pertinent to know your target audience for effective marketing. Target shall be analyzed and revised by efficient data. For how much time people stay on your website? Do they come back? How many people are visiting your website for the first time? Google Analytics can answer all these questions and can provide you valuable insights in determining your target. You will have a better understating about the traffic to your website and your content value.

10. Google mail (Gmail)

Gmail is your answer if you are looking for an email with smart filtering system. A popular and favorite communicating tool for many email users. Their top feature is a facility to filter email messages into various labels instead of piling up in your inbox. Gmail search function may also come handy. With various plugin options, it helps you in customizing and keeping your inbox clean.

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google tools list

10 Free Google Tools Every Internet Marketer Should Use