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10 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Going To Rule

Just like technologies coming with new faces and reaching the next level every year, the ever-growing digital marketing field also may have a different race, in the coming 5 years. During the last decade, digital marketing took over traditional marketing methods by utilizing the digital space like social media, search engines and SEO friendly content, which drove huge traffic. Webmasters have shifted towards the new digital marketing trends, by keeping certain objectives in mind that are:

  • Less expensive
  • Reach more audience.
  • Less time.
  • Reduced human effort.

And with the constantly evolving technologies, it even becomes simpler and better for digital marketing to showcase themselves. Digital marketing initially relied more on PCs and TVs, but now there are multiple lines like smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices like Google Glass which is slowly making its way to the world market.

The consumer’s behavior and needs evolve in unpredictable ways now and then. Hence we expect lots of startling trends each year, which could determine the future of digital marketing in 2020, as it is the beginning of the new decade.

10 super trends in Digital Marketing for the upcoming years are:
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO turns into UEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Infographics
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Evolution of Latest Link Building
  • Social Media Sharing and SMO
  • Geographic Advertisement
  • Programmatic Advertisement& Ads with Expiration Date

1. Content Marketing

Content is always the king for a platform to build their customers even with changing trends. Content marketing has the power of reframing the existing service and transforming them as needed by the receivers. A recent report says that marketers spend more than 8 hours in enhancing the contents with data showing projections.

Creating and publishing the right content to the targeted audience fetches more traffic. Optimization of content will be done based on the customers’ insights, media performance, impressions made and the saturation. Maintaining a mixture of good market research and content optimization is the vital key. Brand storytelling will get more impact among the customers with its originality and high-quality custom content.

2. SEO turns into UEO

As of now, SEO is considered a game where an effective Search Engine Optimization places you one step ahead of your opponents. With changing trends, the future of SEO will experience a reasonable change, as the marketers need to adjust their SEO strategy to keep them in the race.

In recent years, the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is dominating this area, by letting the webmasters create pages, which are competent enough to load on most of the mobile devices instantly. In the coming years, however, User Experience Optimization is a vital factor that will have its effect on your rank, and the importance will grow in the future.

Currently, webmasters develop and optimize the content, based on the results of the search engines, instead of users’ perspective. This will likely change, as the search engines begin to focus towards the user experience and it will impact the ranking. Search engine calculates the user experience based on the bounce rate as a factor.

3. Video Marketing

Having talked about the content, video content will have a heavy impact in the field. The videos are more engaging and visible to the audience. Statistics show that more than 89% of customers watch long-form of videos and this may reach a 100 percent in the coming years, with increased creativity.

Innovative animations have been driving awareness nowadays and reach more people. This has the capability of better rate conversions in the areas of Brand consideration and purchase intent.

top trends in digital marketing

4. Infographics

Statistics state that interests on infographics gradually increase every year and hence it can surely have a good impact on digital marketing 2020.Infographics are the visual content that transforms an ordinary text into easy-to-understand visual content. Other highlights why infographics are in the top trend list are:

  • The powerful combo of text and graphics.
  • A better understanding of the content.
  • Well researched and the inclusion of graphical representations like charts, pics, tables.
  • Great linkable asset.
  • Makes the target audience to stay longer.

5. The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Digital marketers always believed on tools and technology to mechanize their task, thereby reducing the workforce and effort. Artificial intelligence is the popular term among the webmasters in recent years, which involves the machine’s intelligence. It is referred as the quality that enables an entity to function properly and with insight into its environment.

Along with AI, Bigdata that handles huge chunks of data and efficient analytics are in the race of intelligent automation that the humans are beginning to tap into. Big data analyses, segments, and filters huge data for easy understanding. AI can help the marketers understand the human behavior and hit the targeted audience.

Apart from that, there are other benefits for the digital marketers from AI that includes:

  • Enhanced insight into accounts.
  • Detailed analysis of the marketing campaigns.
  • Identifying potential consumers.
  • Accelerating daily tasks.

6. Native Advertising

Native advertising, otherwise called as Sponsored Content will grow its heights by taking multiple ways. These native advertising continuums from banner advertisements to social media, then to large micro sites along videos or articles.

The native advertising looks similar to other advertising forms, albeit with a few changes. The sponsored content is authentic, useful and entertaining to the readers and also the subject of the content intersects with the brand and is not found explicitly promotional.

In contrast with content marketing and Advertorial, Sponsored content is properly labeled and clearly bounded with the brand. So the readers know more about the involvement of the brand directly. Hence the online marketers will completely move towards the Sponsored content and have their content published by themselves instead of relying on other sites.

7. Evolution of Latest Link Building

The links are always like a roadmap between the web pages, and the link analysis discovers how each page is related to the other. Link building is all about marketing your website, brand, product or service.

With the release of Google update Penguin in 2012, there was a huge drawback in link schemes, and we just needed to work more on backlink profiles. And we came up with enhanced link building strategies by discovering new communities, cultivating online relationships and building brand value. The reasons why link building is in the top 10 trends of digital marketing:

  • Detailed analysis of the popularity of the websites.
  • Increasing the popularity of pages linking them.
  • Metrics involving spam, authority, and trust.

8. Social Media Sharing & SMM

Many companies, whether big or small, have a social media page to interact with the people. They think that social media connect them to people, better than other online tools. The count of social media may only increase in the coming years and is not expected to reduce, as people strongly believe that social media is a part of their daily life.

Among the numerous social media sites, a web marketer can pick the site that is comfortable and suits the needs. Digital marketing in 2020, will be mostly driven by the social media as it involves the building of communities, encourages participation and engagement.

9. Geographic Advertisement

Location based advertising will play a key role in online marketing. With the location access to social media, the marketers can clearly identify their customers whom they can reach easily. Through this, they can provide the deals and offers in real time by reaching the targeted audience.

Sharing the location data with the mobile apps is extensively done nowadays. And it gives a better opportunity to advertisers, to customize their ads or messages to the consumers based on their current location. As it mainly attracts the targeted audience, advertisers will pick this location-enabled technology to improvise their standards.

10. Programmatic Advertisement & Ads Blocking Tools

Programmatic advertising is simply an algorithmic tool that buys and sells advertising space in real time. In this process, the software is used to automate the purchasing and the optimization of the media inventory via a bidding system. With the involvement of the software, there will be less effort to the human and they don’t rely on humans for manual trading and insertions.

Ads blocking tools reaches the next level with the programmatic ads, and it can be run sequentially. These ad blocking tools can save the future of digital marketing as it collects the relevant data that the marketers need. It has the record of ads that are not viewed by the viewers, ads that are paid, but never appear on the viewing screen, and ads that are blocked. With the complete analysis of the ads, the digital advertisers can come up with new and innovative ads.

Thus, the digital marketing 2020 comes with an enhanced and new technology-oriented approach to hit the marketplace in the next five years.

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