Top 30 Tips To Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Revenue

Online Income – Reality or Myth

affiliate revenue modelThere are many websites out there that profess to provide you information on how to make money online. While a few are reliable sources, others may be just scams, and one should watch out for the same. However, listed among the online income generators, you may find one trustworthy name – that of Amazon. Indeed, Amazon is a well-known and reputed name, and their Amazon Affiliate revenue program is, therefore, a trusted option to get going for generation of online income.

If you have your website, even if it is a blog, you could sign up for this program and work your way to start earning. However, it is important to understand that it is not something that will happen on its own and that you have to work towards it and make it happen. Most important of all is that you need traffic to your website, loads of them. It is this traffic that generates your income from the Amazon Affiliate program.

Listed below you will find 30 tips for increasing your Amazon Affiliate Revenue:

1. Ensure A High Amount Of Unique Visitors Every Month

This is easier said than done, but then this is the starting point. Getting tens of thousands of unique visitors to your website will ensure that you earn well from the Amazon Affiliate program. This is because you earn from what the buyers’ spend on the Amazon through your links. So, the more you get people to visit your website and click on the links, the more you earn, as simple as that.

2. Constantly Publish High Quality Content

This is a ‘killing two birds with one stone’ strategy that you should adopt to earn more. If you produce good content consistently, then people are likely to come back to your site. It will also improve your website’s chances of being high on the Google rankings. Therefore, your link shows up on top during any searches driving more traffic to your site. And more traffic means more money ringing in.

3. Pay Attention To SEO Tactics And Adopt Them

There is no debate on the fact that one surefire way to increase traffic to your website is through Google searches. SEO plays a critical part in that, so read up, adopt the SEO practices, and implement them on your website.

4. Add Actionable Points In Your Post’s Conclusion

It is an excellent method to write articles presenting relevant information and viewpoints to the readers. This should necessarily be followed up with a conclusion at the end urging the users with options they can action upon. There are two advantages in this: one is it makes for a better user experience and reading. The other is that it makes it easy for the reader to follow through rather than leaving them high and dry prompting them to explore again.

5. Collect Feedback

You could use pop-ups to collect relevant information and comments from the visitors to your website. When you put up pop-ups that matter, then the visitors are likely to respond, and you could use the information to point them in the right direction. This may require a bit of a set up on your website code, but there are enough tools and guides that can help you do this.

6. Create A Mailing List

It is important to keep your readers updated on all your posts as and when they are published. One important way to achieve this is through email campaigns. Some tools and strategies help you build your lead databases. You could also prompt visitors to share their email id when they visit your website. This compilation can be used for sending out emails with exciting updates to prompt users to visit your website. Users should be given the option to subscribe or unsubscribe in the emails to avoid irritants.

amazon affiliate revenue7. Use The Right Keywords

Using the right keywords is one small part of the SEO strategy mentioned above. Typically a person looking to buy a product would start searching with ‘which is the best cradle available?’ or ‘the top 10 selling mobile phones’ or ‘review of bedroom sets’ or ‘best watches under $100’ etc.

Users are interested in knowing more about the products they want to buy and usually have a budget in mind. Hence, using words like best, top, review, best buy etc. can bring up your link in searches leading to more traffic.

8. Provide Comparison Information

This is another way to get people to visit your website. Usually, people looking to buy something may have shortlisted on a few options. If you provide them the information on all these in one go then that becomes extremely useful for them. Provide comparisons in the form of tables with links that can help the user complete the transaction. Comparison tables can also be used as a very powerful conclusion option.

9. Use Amazon Affiliate Image Links

This is a very good way of ensuring that people click on the link and get redirected to the product that they want to buy. Find your Amazon Affiliate link and use them in your website on as many images as possible with relevance. There are tools and guides to help you accomplish this as well. This certainly is nothing like rocket science and is easy to set up. After all, they do say a picture is worth a 1000 words and they are more attractive than text on any given day.

10. Use Of In-Content Links

Another smart way of ensuring people click on your Amazon links is to put them as part of the content itself. When people read something interesting and you put a link there that can easily prompt and provide them more information, it is always clicked. Here again, there are tools that can help you set it up in minutes. It has actually been observed that in-content links are the most clicked ones.

11. Use Long Tail Keywords

Customer behavior analytics suggest that people who are very close to buying will actually search using specific long tail keywords. For example, something like a ‘Which are the best beds available under $50?’ It is better to target these as the conversion rates are higher since you may be answering their queries and helping them make a decision.

12. Stop Leakage Of International Traffic

Most people using the Amazon Affiliate program are not aware that it does not work for International traffic and commission is only generated for localized ones. This can be plugged using a tool called EasyAzon. This is a plug-in that will localize the link; which means if your website is in US and an Indian visitor clicks on it, he will be redirected to the Amazon Indian site. Also, you may have to sign up individually for that country’s Amazon Affiliate program. You could choose to study some site visit statistics to see if it’s worth it.

amazon affiliate revenue13. Product Reviews And User Guides

Try to publish as much of product reviews and usage guides titled ‘How to effectively use a camera’ etc. It is best to do this after you have actually used the product. You could work this out with a dealer and get started.

Pick some fast moving products that are likely to stay in the market for a while so it ensures you good revenue. A word of caution here is that if you try to put up ‘something’ for the sake of it without actually using it, then Google may treat you as a spammer.

14. Mix It Up

Mix up your posts with image links, in-content links and a few widgets from Amazon to engage the user. One of them will surely click, but be sure not to overdo it and clutter the page.

15. Use The Add To Cart Link

EazyAzon allows you to turn this option on or off, to create a link that auto adds a product’s to the visitor’s Amazon cart. Test this out to check how it works. This can prove beneficial and increase your revenue.

16. Provide Optimum Choices

While publishing posts, ensure that you limit it to a maximum of 10 products or so with a ‘Ten best-selling xxx’ etc. If you provide too many options, then that may end up confusing the customer rather than convincing him. Brief should do the trick.

17. Appear Professional

In your enthusiasm to attract customers, you may end up putting up a lousy website that is so cluttered that it repels the visitor instead of attracting. Keep it simple and professional, making for a good user experience, prompting visitors to explore beyond the landing page.

18. Track, Analyze, Study And Improve

It is important to have some sort of analytics associated with your website in order to understand the user behaviors and preferences. Use any analytics tool and document all changes and metrics week on week to how it pans out. It could help in the end.

affiliate revenue model example19. Deals

Have a deals corner that keeps being updated every week. You could study the Amazon website and pick up the deals that usually keep coming out there. Every customer loves a deal and is more inclined to buy if there is one available. So this is a good idea of increasing your Amazon Affiliate revenue.

20. Sell Your Own Products

Try selling your own products through Amazon so you get double benefits. Explore the drop shipping or Amazon fulfillment options to know more about this.

21. Mix Up Your Selling Point Between High Value And Small Value Products

It is important to do this since it can generate revenue for you. Small value products, especially the daily use products may sell in large numbers so that can make up for a good amount of commission.

22. Keep More Of High End Products

Provide a lot of options in high-value products that sell fast. Since the commission on these products will be higher as compared to small value products, this can count as a sizeable part of your revenue.

23. Ensure To En-Cash On The Holiday Sales

Make sure that you pay special attention by putting up attractive posts to attract the holiday season buyers. It is natural that sales usually go up during holiday seasons. And also special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday sale etc. are occasions you can use to bring in more traffic to your site.

24. Use Social Media Wisely

Learn to leverage the power of social media to promote. You could also choose to post interesting blogs that don’t outright look like a marketing gimmick in relevant public groups. For example, a blog on how to use a baby product in a Facebook mothers’ group etc. This had been thought over and done innovatively as most groups do not like or promote sales related stuff.

25. Try To Be Different

This again, is easier said than done. If you visit most affiliate sites, you will see that most of them follow a similar pattern and have the same look and feel. The key is to be different from the pack using some amount of creativity, innovation, fresh ideas etc. Keep doing this once in a while to ensure that stay ahead of the competition.

26. Understand Your Target Audience

This is very important- if you don’t do this, all other strategies may fail as well. Knowing what you are promoting, and the kind of people who would visit your website in search of that, helps a lot in making the most out of the visitors. Each visitor to your site should find something of interest that keeps him there and brings him/her back. This is better than relying on a Google search to get your visitors. The first impression is the best impression and in this case, the first visit has to be capitalized. Make the most of it and ensure they come back.

27. Guest Blog

In addition to your own site working for your Amazon Affiliate program, you could also generate more revenue through guest blogging on relevant websites.

28. Spice It Up

Spice up the content using relevant keywords, deals, and information that may prove valuable to the customer and prompts him to click on something. Perhaps you can even publish some interesting trends and relevant news feeds to engage the visitor.

29. Track Affiliate Links

Most people create a website, content and just click on publish. It is important to track your affiliate links to see how they perform.

30. Ensure Visibility In Google Snippets

You may or may not get ranked on top in a Google search, but you can definitely ensure visibility through proper use of meta descriptions that get shown along with the links, to generate interest and improve clicks and revenue.

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